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Frontier League Fastpitch

July Raffle Winners

Val Soleim:  $25

Mark Anderson:  $100

Alley Grenz:  $25

Amie Aesoph:  $25

Rachel Pettys:  $25

Jenny Sloan:  $25

Torri Kamlitz:  $25

Jessica Johnson:  $25

Laura Weis:  $100

Shirley Jackson:  $25

Darcy Nieswaag:  $25

Brock Burkett:  $25

Diane Hagebock:  $25

Colette Heilman:  $25

Tiffany Mickelson:  $25

July Raffle Winners, cont.

Alley Grenz $100

Amie Aesoph $25

Julie Kallman $25

Sandra Greenwald $25

Amy Nihill $25

Amy Nihill $25

Brian Ament $25

Keri Sailer

Lila Stokkeland

Ben Backstrom

Mary Rhinehart

Mary Rhiehart

Josh Graves

Kysen Uehran

Shannon Rediger

Jamie Eamon

August Raffle Winners

1-Cassie Spitzer $25

2-Duane Mack $25

3-Kim Christianson $25

4-Tammy Bereg $25

5-Connie Lillejord $25

6-Emma Grenz $100

7-Mel Hoke $25

8-Dale Quenzer $25

9-Amy Nihill $25

10-Wanda Loff $25

11-Kent Kolden $25

12-Jenny Sloan $25

13-Greg Lunzman $100

14-Randy Tschetter $25

15-Jess Pfau $25

16-Jeff Meissner $25

17-Patrick Walter $25

18-Julie Mattson $25

19-Kaden Geerdes $25


Practice for the 8U Dusties 5:30 Monday & Wednesday

Practice for the 10U Outlaws 5:30  Monday & Wednesday

Practice for the 12U Renegades 5:30  Monday & Wednesday

14U Gunslingers and up 5:30 Monday & Wednesday (in May) Wednesday and Thursday (starting June 7)

PITCHING Workouts on Sunday at 7:00.

CATCHING Workouts on Sunday at 6:30.


2017 Frontier League Registration is open.  If you are interested in playing youth Softball, Jamestown Frontier League Softball is the place for you.  

Register by May 5.  Practice Starts on May 15.  Any registration completed after May 5 will be charged an additional fee of $25.


$85 for 8U

$155 for 10U

$155 for 12U

$155 for 14U

$155 for 18U

$25 Deduction for additional sibling credit


Website Usage

We are going to try and utilize the website more efficiently this year.  Our hope is to be more organized and communicate more productively with the players and parents.

To add the Sport Ngin app for your phone:

1. Click on Pick your team

2.  Search for Jamestown Fastpitch 

3.  Select your level of girls team

From this point you should be able to choose rosters, schedules, news and updates, Updated scores. Watch other teams that you may know players on.

25+ Girls at Pitching Practice tonight!!  Way to go Everyone!

25+ Girls at Pitching Practice tonight!! Way to go Everyone!

The Only Six words Parents need to say:

Before the Competition:

  Have Fun

  Play Hard

  I love you!

After the Competition:

  Did you have fun?

  I'm proud of you.

  I love you!

The 6 words they most want to hear their parents say???

"I love to watch you play."


"I want to be around people that do things.  I don't want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what other people do.  I want to  be around people that dream and support and do positive things."  Amy Poehler

What Role am I Today?

Choose only one:

1.  Athlete

2.  Coach

3.  Referee


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